A round dome looks out of the pine treetops on the left side of the river Daugava not very far from Riga. Church bells are heard in the nearest neighbourhood and sometimes even across the river. Coming closer to the church, peculiar Katlakalns pine trees arise and the beauty of the green nature is even more observable. The church itself is surrendered by a garden planted by professor and pastor Roberts Feldmanis. The beauty of greenness of the nature comforts the soul in all seasons. The church surprises by its exterior as it has a very untraditional form. It is round, having even a round dome with a small bell tower.

The organ of Katlakalna church has a tender and harmonious sound. It was done in 1871 by master August Martin.

Katlakalna Evangelic Lutheran Church has survived the rough soviet times and has remained a church, gathering people in a Lutheran congregation. At the moment there are 200 members in the church.

Services are held every Sunday at 10 AM, as well as on special Church festivity days. The church offers Bible study groups and Sunday school lectures, prepares present and new church members for confirmation, baptism and matrimonial, and even organizes Christian funeral services.

Summer is the time of excursions and camps. Children have a possibility to spend some time in various Sunday school camps. In July we organize a weekend by lake Usma, fishing or just enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. Other our activities include various excursions around Latvia, boat trips, mushrooming once an autumn and different gatherings.

As we have partner congregations in Germany and Denmark, we are happy to either welcome them to Riga or visit them ourselves every other year.

Welcome to our church!